Basic information of ISTA test

                                                                         Basic information of ISTA test
Brief summary of ISTA
    The International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) is an association composed of professionals and institutions, and an authoritative organization for international packaging and transportation. ISTA is committed to the development, design and cost-benefit evaluation of protective transport packaging. When your packaging design passes the ISTA test, you can be sure that the packaging can effectively protect the product in a continuous transportation environment and will not be harmed by foreseeable factors. 

ISTA test standards are:
  • ISTA A series of standards
  • ISTA B series standard
  • ISTA C series standards
  • ISTA D series standard
  • ISTA E series standard
  • ISTA F series standard

Paper test items:
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Burst strength
  • Puncture resistance strength
  • Tearness (Elmendorf Method)
  • Tensile strength
  • Tensile strength of paper and cardboard after immersion in water
  • Edge pressure strength
  • Water content-oven drying
  • Flat press
  • Ring pressure
  • Printing materials wear-resistant (Sutherland method)
  • Water absorption

Test instrument introduction:
  • Inclined impact testing machine
  • Drop test machine
  • Simulated transportation shaker
  • Clamping test machine
  • Carton Compression Tester