Drop Test Machine Series

There are three types of drop test machine: zero drop test machine, single wing drop test machine and double wings drop test machine. Next, we will briefly explain the characteristics of each machine.

1. Zero Drop Test Machine


Features: the zero drop test machine has a test piece bracket. During the test, the supporting plate moves downward at high speed, leaving the test piece. The bracket has been embedded in the bottom plate under the effect of high-efficiency shock absorber before the package of the tested goods falls to the bottom plate.In theory, the zero drop test machine can be dropped from zero to the maximum drop height range.The drop height is set numerically according to the test requirements, and the drop test is performed automatically according to the set height.

There are different and the same characteristics between the drop test machines, so when choosing a drop test machine, you should know which one is suitable for your product.

2. Single Wing Drop Test Machine


Features: single wing drop test machine will drop tester to test the products placed in the way of a good place selected: way of fixed Angle display faces, edges and height, can be determined according to the users to set any height within the scope of equipment test, determine after good height, release the solenoid valve, specimen products wing left arm free fall in a flash.Press "stop" drop plate to reset automatically.

3. Double Wings Drop Test Machine


Features: the double wings drop test machine can perform free drop test on the surface, Angle and edge of the package, equipped with digital height indicator and decoder for height tracking, so that the product drop height can be accurately given.The two-arm dropping machine adopts single-arm and double-column structure, with electric reset, electric drop control and electric lift device, which is easy to use.Single arm setting is convenient to place the product. The error of plane Angle of impact surface and floor is less than or equal to 5 degrees.