The Concept and Principle of Drop Testing Machine are Explained

Drop testing machine, drop height :300-1500mm, is specially used to test the product packaging damage caused by falling, and to evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling.Double column guide, height drop times can be set, stable and reliable work.
Test procedure
The drop test procedure can usually refer to the following steps of a test laboratory:
1. Samples shall be packed according to the specified method (refer to the production instruction or specification), and accessories shall not be left out.
2. Test samples shall not be less than 2 full boxes or 4PCS of finished products.
3. Base Angle of seam edge.
4. Preparation of pre-test samples.
5. The function, safety and appearance of the product must be tested before the test, and the drop test can only be carried out after it is confirmed to be normal.
6. If there are special requirements for sealing the box (such as tape), it shall be carried out according to the requirements. If there are no special requirements, the box shall be sealed with 2-inch transparent adhesive paper, and the outer carton shall be sealed with 3-inch transparent adhesive paper.
7. Descending order.
Concept of drop testing machine
Principle of drop test -- the test to assess the ability of the package to withstand vertical impact and the protection ability of the package to the internal contents by dropping the package to the specified height on the hard and flat horizontal surface.Drop test, also known as drop test/ hg-318.
It is used to simulate the possible fall of the product during handling.Include:
(1) simulate the repeated free fall that connectors on load cables and small remote control devices may suffer in use.
(2) packaging drop
(3) free fall of non-packaged products during handling. Samples usually fall from a specified height to a specified surface in a specified manner.
Main parameters of drop testing machine
1. Drop height
2. Number of falls
3. Falling surface

Limitations: 1. Sample shape 2. Height (for free fall)