How do they make 10 billion corrugated boxes in China a year?

Over the years, online shopping has become the most important way of consumption for Chinese people. In every online shopping, in addition to the goods received, there is a packaging carton. If you don't clean it for a long time, there will be cartons everywhere in your house.
According to statistics, Every year, 10 billion corrugated boxes are used for online shopping in China. For online shoppers, every time they receive a product, they only care about the "baby" in the box, and the mission of the carton is completed and thrown away. Or in that corner forever.

The manufacturing process of corrugated boxes
Base paper
The raw material of corrugated board is paper that needs to reach the grade of carton. Generally, the corrugated paper core is mainly made of longer log fibers, while the upper and lower layers of cardboard are made of shorter hardwood fibers.
Various recycled waste papers are also used, filtered, shredded into pulp and dried, and then made into large rolls of paper.
Pressed cardboard
The first is to press the corrugated paper core. The paper is pulled out of the large roll by the machine and enters a set of high temperature and high humidity corrugated rollers with gears. Under the pressure of the two gear rollers, the paper forms a corrugated shape with irregularities and convexities. Corrugated cardboard has strength and cushioning capacity.
The formed corrugated paper core will meet another roller with glue, and glue will be glued on one side of the corrugated paper core, and it will stick to the roll paper drawn from the other roller during the rotation.
There is also a roll of paper glued on the other side of the corrugated cardboard, and after the glue is dried at a high temperature, a double-layer corrugated cardboard will be formed.

Cardboard cutting
According to the required carton specifications, the large sheets of cardboard are cut and stacked. After quality inspection, they are bundled and cut according to the specific box design.
Stack the cut cardboards and let them pass through the rubber rollers to print the graphics on the surface of the cardboard.
Indentation fold
According to the drawings, the printed cardboard is rolled by a machine to form creases, and glue is applied to the seal.
Joining forming
Stick the sealing parts of the carton together according to the creases. Some sealing parts need to be stapled. The final finished corrugated cardboard needs process inspection and various tests. After passing it, it can be used in the factory.

Now the entire carton manufacturing process has been automated, and the leftovers after cutting can be recycled again.

Zipper carton
Friends who love online shopping have such troubles. They are happy when they receive the package but it is troublesome to open the box. You may not be able to find the opening tool at hand. Pulling the tape directly by hand will make your hands full of glue.
Wrapping tape on the box is a very time-consuming and laborious task for both the buyer and the seller, but this process cannot be omitted.
Now there is such a kind of carton that does not need to be sealed with tape. The opening is like a zipper with teeth. It can be opened only by tearing along the teeth. It is very convenient and has a very good anti-theft function.
This zipper carton provides a very good unpacking experience for a large number of online shoppers. It is said that some people go shopping frantically in order to experience the thrill of unpacking.
Although corrugated cardboard boxes provide convenience for our online shopping, they also consume huge resources. According to statistics, the cardboard boxes used by China Guang Express will generate more than 9 million tons of waste paper each year.
So now the country has also promulgated a series of binding measures to develop new green packaging materials, reduce the use of corrugated boxes, and reduce resource consumption.