Incline Impact Test Machine

1. Product Profile
Incline impact test machine to simulate the product packaging in a real environment impact damage resistance, such as handling, stacking shelves, motor sliding, locomotive loading and unloading, and the product transportation, etc., this machine also can be used as scientific research institutions, colleges, packaging technology and test center, packaging materials manufacturers and foreign trade, transport and other departments to impact of commonly used test equipment.

2. Functional Characteristic
Flexible positioning of the electric pulley, easy to fix the position, to achieve the required speed change value.
The height of pulley is relatively low, which is conducive to the installation of test products;The strengthened impact plate ensures a solid structure.
The pulley mesa can be adjusted to the level to facilitate the user to install the test piece;Angle adjustment with cylinder drive, flexible and convenient.
It can be operated by remote control to ensure the safety of test personnel.
The customer only needs to fix the machine on the ground when installation, no other complicated operation or installation, easy to test.

3. Technical Feature
The main engine of the test machine is single supporting column structure, cantilever type hanging pendulum mode, pendulum body U shape.
The punching knife is installed and fixed with screw, which is easy to replace.
Sample simple beam type support.
The test machine is semi-automatic control, the hoist swing, hang swing, impact and put swing are electrical control, and can make good preparation for the next test by using the residual energy of the impulse test sample.

4. Design Standards

ISTA 3E, 3J & ISTA 6 (inclined impact test)