Ink Rub Resistance Test Machine

1. Function
Ink rub resistance test machine is applicable to test and test the abrasion resistance of printing ink layer, photosensitive layer of PS plate and surface coating of related products.To effectively analyze the problems of poor erasability of printed matter, peeling of ink, low printing resistance of PS plate and poor coating hardness of other products.Microcomputer control, dynamic display of the LCD, membrane micro operation panel button, test parameters input, and have power off memory function, accurate implementation of national standard, compatible with international standards, a control solution to print ink layer poor abrasion resistance and low resistance to wipe, easy to fall off and other issues, through the test, effective control of production process, avoid caused by poor quality returns, ink printing decolorization test machine

2. Acceptable Standard
GB 7706, ASTM D5264, TAPPI T830, JIS K5701

3. Principle
Ink rub resistance test machine is used to test ink adhesion and judge ink quality. This machine can be used for dry grinding test, wet grinding test, decoloration change test, paper blur test and special friction test.Ink stain wear test is a test designed to assess the resistance to wear or friction of ink on paper or cardboard.

4. Characteristic
Microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display, film micro-operation panel
key input of test parameters and memory function of power failure
Accurate implementation of national standards and compatibility with international standards
Controlled to solve problems such as poor wear resistance, low anti-friction and easy falling off of printing ink
Effectively control production process through tests to avoid return of goods due to poor quality