Paper And Package Normal Questions And Answers

Paper And Package Normal Questions And Answers

Do you have any instrument to test the paperboard? Can you recommend some ?

Yes, you can consider to purchase the Crush test machine to test the edge compression value, Flat compression value, Pin adhesive value of paperboard, burst strength test machine to test burst broken value, etc...

We always found our products broken once our customer receive them as the package is destroyed when transportation. Could you help us avoid it?

Recently there has an international group named International Safe Transit Association(ISTA) which to work out a series test methods for transmutation package. This is methods are highly recognized internationally. For example, box compression testing, drop testing, incline impact testing, and environmental testing...

May we know if your instrument can be supplied with single phase 110 volt?

Yes of course.

May we know how you help us check machine if there any problems?

Haida has a professional after-sales technical team who can provide technical support for our customers.

If any problems of machine, our technical support team will response within 24 hours and solutions will be provided within 48 hours by email, some instant communication tools.

We want to test burst strength value of our paper and paperboard, do you have one machine to perform this requirement ?

Yes, We have one type of burst strength tester(HD-A504-C) which can test paper and paperboard both, customer just can replace pressure plate and rubber membrane when doing test.

How long the use life of rubber membrane? 

Actually, It depends on your use frequency. We suggest customer replace new one every 3 month.

May i know what is spare parts of burst strength tester?

There have Silicone oil, rubber membrane, Aluminium foil, in generally, we will equip 1pc silicone oil, 1 pc rubber membrane and 10 pcs aluminum foil with machine to customer.

I want the unit is lbf/in when doing ECT test, please advise your machine if can unit convert?

Of course Yes, our machine can unit convert, you just choose the unit you want before doing test.

We want set up a ISTA test Lab, Could you kindly advise if you can recommend some machines which perform ISTA lab?

Of course Yes, We are professional manufacturer to produce ISTA package test machines, and helped many of package companies and test institutions to set up ISTA lab. Basically, according to standard, we often recommend below 6 Nos machines to customer.

1.Compression test machine

2.Clamp Force Testing Machine

3.Incline Impact Tester

4.Vibration Tester /random vibration test machine

5.Drop Tester

6.Climate Test Chamber

In addition, kindly please advise your max.size and weight of your product that we will recommend suitable machine to you?thanks

We want purchase a set of compression test machine, can i have a quotation for this machine?

Thanks for your inquiry, May i know how is Max. Size of your carton? Our regular compression space have 400x500x550,700x900x900mm,1000x1200x1000mm,1300x1500x1500mm or custom-made size, May i know which type is more suitable for your carton? Thanks

We want purchase a set of vibration test machine, May i have a quotation for this machine?

Thanks for your inquiry for our vibration test machine, in order to recommend suitable machine to you, would you kindly advise below info by return for our reference.

1. May i know how is Max size of your products?

2. How is Max. Weight of your products?

3. What test standard should be performed?

We want purchase your drop test machine, Do you have CE certification?

Yes, we have CE certification for this drop test machine

We want purchase your drop test machine, can i get quotation for this machine?

Thanks for your inquiry for our drop test machine, in order to recommend suitable machine to you, would you kindly advise below info by return for our reference.

1.May i know how is Max.size and Min. Size of your products?(LxWxH)

2.How is Max. Weight of your products?

3.How is drop height range do you require?

We want to purchase this machine, Can you tell me how the purchase process works?

For purchase process, kindly please check below our process.

1. We will send Proforma invoice (PI) to you once get your confirmation for these machines 

Or you send your purchase Order (PO) or sales Contract to us firstly and then we will send PI to you. 

2. You can arrange 50% deposit once you receive our PI, and we will place this order to factory for producing once received deposit,  

3. And then, machine will be produce according to our production time(we will check the lead time before confirmed the order). we will update producing status to you during this period. 

4. We will inform you in advance and take photos for your confirmation once machine finished

5. You can arrange balance payment once confirmed all items we produced. 

6. We will arrange package and shipment before received balance payment. 

7. We will arrange shipment by sea from our sea port to your port.

8. Our shipping forwarder agent in your local will inform you once machine arrived your sea port. 

9. You can arrange custom clearance and pick up goods from custom. 

Can you advise the weight and dimension info of clamp tester that we will send our shipping company for check freight?

Yes, Gross Weight is around 3,252KG and measurements around 15.3CMB

May i know if your incline impact test machine can perform 0°&10° both in one machine?

Yes, Our incline impact test machine can perform 0°&10° in one machine if sample weight below 500KG.

We are from Bangladesh and our country have limit for TT payment , Can you accept 100% LC at sight?

Yes, we can accept.

How is the warranty of machine?

the warranty of this machine is one year, during this period, The failure parts (non-consumable are excluded) can be replaced. 

We will send English guideline to guide you how is replace if have this situation, as well our technician can give technical support online by wechat, whatsapp, skype etc.. 

How is your package for machine when shipment?

We use ply wooden package which is very strong.

Can you provide calibration service?

All machines before delivery we will calibrate, and we will issue factory calibration report with machine to customer.

Can you provide third part calibration service?

if customer require third part test institution to calibrate machine, we can ask them to calibrate, customer just bear calibration service fee. The calibration fee we will check and quote to you later.

May i know how is your payment terms?

Our system payment terms is 50% deposit and balance paid before delivery.