Puncture Test Machine

Product Introduction

Puncture Test Machine is the dedicated equipment for corrugated cardboard. Its parameter conforms to the related regulation. It has the characteristics of swift compaction, handle resetting automatically and safety protection, the testing result is high precise and reliable. It is the necessary equipment for the paper-making factory, research and quality supervision depart.


Standard Features

Measuring Range


Indication Error

Ruler A: ±0.05J; Ruler B: ±0.1J; Ruler C: ±0.2J; Ruler D: ±0.5J (within the limit range 20%~80% at each measurement)

Pointer Friction


Pendulum Shaft Friction and Air Resistance

>120 times ( Measured by the swing frequency of arm swing)

Triangular Pyramid 

Side Length: 60×60×60 mm; Height: 25±0.7 mm; edge fillet Radius: 1.5±0.1 mm

Outside Dimension (L×W×H)

800×500×750 mm

Work Environment

Temperature: 5~35°C; Relative Humidity: 85%


AC220V±10%, 50Hz


Approx. 140Kg