Package Box Simulate Vibration Test Equipment

1. Principle
Package box simulate vibration test equipment in accordance with America and EU transportation standards, with reference to similar equipment in the United States. The eccentricity axis produces elliptical motion trajectory in rotation to simulate the vibration and collision of goods in the process of automobile or ship transportation. The test platform is fixed on the eccentric bearing. When the eccentric bearing rotates, the entire plane of the test platform will produce elliptical movement, up and down. The adjustment of the eccentric shaft with the rotation speed is equivalent to the adjustment of the driving speed of a car or ship.

2. Characteristic
Digital instrument display vibration frequency, high precision.
Synchronous belt transmission with very low noise.
The test fixture adopts the guideway, which is convenient and safe to operate.
The machine base adopts heavy channel steel with anti-vibration rubber cushion, which is easy to install and operates smoothly without installation of anchor screw.
Dc motor speed adjustment, smooth operation, strong load capacity.
Rotary vibration meets European and American transportation standards.

3. Technology Parameters
Size(mm)                                            1000*1200(customizable)
Motor Capacity                                   1HP(750W)
Carrying Capacity                               100kg(customizable)
Weight                                                 200kg
Rotate Speed                                      100-300RPM
Electrical                                             Sing-Phase Source 220V
Display Precision                                1RPM
Amplitude                                            25.4mm(1 inch)
Time Setting Range                            0 Seconds - 99 Hours

4.  The requirements of the test standards for the package box simulate vibration test equipment bench for the equipment are as follows:
The ISTA test standard is the standard of American transportation association and ASTM is the standard of American materials association. Both standards require the equipment to simulate transportation vibration: the amplitude is 25.4mm(1 inch, fixed), the frequency is 1.5-5hz (or 150-300 revolutions/minute adjustable), and the test basis is T=14200/CPM(based on the total number of vibration is 14200), and the test speed is selected.
ISTA/ASTM test method form
Test Speed(CPM)               Precision(HZ)               Time of duration
          150                                   2.5                                   95
          180                                   3.0                                   79
          210                                   3.5                                   66
          240                                   4.0                                   60
          270                                   4.5                                   53

    300                                   5.0                                   48


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