Principle and Characteristics of Single - Wing Drop Test Machine

Single - Wing Drop Test Machine simulates the situation when different edges, angles and surfaces fall to the ground at different heights after product packaging, so as to understand the damage situation of the product and evaluate the falling height and impact strength that the packaging components of the product can withstand when falling.Thus according to the actual situation of products and national standards within the scope of improvement and improvement of packaging design.

The single-wing drop testing machine is specially designed for testing the damage of product packaging and evaluating the impact strength during transportation and handling.

Single wing drop tester is designed for all kinds of product packaging after good in handling or transportation of the internal damage caused by degradation products, and for the prevention and elimination of beforehand, as can be expected to test with the machine, thus it is concluded that the solution, so that can minimize the loss in transit, and the evaluation of electronic components when carrying on the resistance to impact strength of falling;Equipment for testing reliability of rhombus, solution and surface of packaging container.

The single-wing drop test machine can perform free drop test on the surface, Angle and edge of the package. It is equipped with digital height display instrument and decoder for height tracking, so that the drop height of the product can be accurately given, and the error with the preset drop height is not more than 2% or 10mm.The machine adopts single arm and double column structure, with electric reset, electronic control drop and electric lifting device: easy to use;Unique hydraulic buffer device greatly increases the service life of the machine set, stability and security, single arm, can be conveniently placed products, drop impact Angle surface and bottom plane Angle error is less than or equal to 5 °.