Smoothness Tester
Smoothness Tester

Smoothness Tester

Smoothness Tester is used to determine the smoothness of paper and paperboard. Designed according to standard ISO 5627 &

Product Details
Technical Parameters

Smoothness Tester 

product description:
    Smoothness Tester is an intelligent paper and paperboard smoothness performance testing instrument newly designed and developed based on the general working principle of the Bekk smoothing instrument. It uses high-performance microcomputers, high-precision sensors, oil-free vacuum pumps imported from Germany and professionally manufactured Vacuum volume block and solenoid valve realize quick mercury-free measurement.


1. Oil-free vacuum pump: The vacuum pump imported from Germany is used, and the vacuum pump can work without refueling. The instrument is oil-free and pollution-free.
2. Preloading time selection: the instrument has a "60 seconds preloading automatic control" function option, users can choose whether to use this function according to their needs
3. Fast measurement: small volume cavity measurement can be selected, the measurement time is only one-tenth of the large volume cavity, which greatly saves measurement time and realizes rapid measurement
4. Volume chamber automatic discrimination switch: The instrument has the function of automatically discriminating and switching between large and small volume chambers. It can measure and automatically distinguish "less than 15 seconds", "greater than 15 seconds, less than 300 seconds", "greater than 300 seconds", etc.
5. Automatic calculation function of the difference between two sides: the instrument can measure the smoothness of the front and back sides of the paper as required, and it can automatically calculate, display and print the result of the "difference on both sides".
6. Good airtightness: adopt foreign vacuum sealant and advanced sealing technology to make the instrument airtightness meet the requirements of ** standard
7. Adopt modular all-in-one printer, easy to install, low failure; thermal printer and dot matrix printer are optional
8. Chinese output display: using large LCD module, Chinese display and prompt operation steps, display measurement and statistical results, friendly man-machine interface makes the instrument operation simple and convenient, reflecting the humanized design ideas.

Product main parameters:

index parameter
product weight 36kg
Accuracy 0.1 second
Measuring range 0-9999 seconds
Test area 10±0.05cm2
pressure 100kPa±2kPa
show Chinese dot matrix menu
Communication output Standard RS232 interface
 working environment Temperature 535, relative humidity no more than 85%
Dimensions 318mm×362mm×518mm
power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ


Technical Parameters



Measuring range





(1~300)s not more than±0.1s

(300~9999)s not more than±0.1s

Vacuum container system volume



100kPa ± 2kPa

Vacuum setting range




Air leakage volume

Large volume:The degree of vacuum dropped from 50.66 KPa to 48.00 KPa, and Air leakage volume is 10.00 ± 0.20 ml.

Small volume:The degree of vacuum dropped from 50.66 KPa to 48.00 KPa, and Air leakage volume is 1.00±0.05ml

Outside Dimension (L×W×H)

360 × 360 × 400mm




AC 220V, 50 Hz

Product number HD-A821-1 Brand Haida
price unit SET
Minimum order quantity 1 Supply Capacity 30~50
payment method L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram Certification CE,ISO
Place of origin GUANGDONG Packing details WOODEN CASE